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S3 Control Surface
Outboard Gear
'76 Fender Twin Reverb
mission control
Manley Ref C
NI Komplete S61
mission control 2
mission control 3
bright lights, oh so shiny
Gibson SG Zappa edition
Avalon 737
Rode NT2A
guitar rig
Pearl 5-piece kit
-16-core 3.2GHz Mac Pro 
running Pro Tools 12 HD Native
-Genelec 8300 series 7.1.4 Atmos monitors

-Dynaudio MKII stereo nearfield monitors
-JBL LSR4328 5.1 surround monitors
-Grace Design m908 monitor controller

-Avid S3 + Dock
-Universal Audio Apollo 8
-Mackie Onyx Blackbird
-NI Komplete Kontrol S61 midi controller
-NI Maschine Studio

Mic Pres/Compressors/EQ:
-Manley VOXBOX
-Avalon 737sp

-Pro Tools 12 HD Native
-Pro Tools 11
-Waves Diamond bundle 
-Altiverb 7
-Izotope RX Post-Production Suite 3
-NI Komplete Ultimate 13
-Soundminer v4.5
-UAD plugin library
-huge SFX libraries
-assorted plugins
Mic Locker:
-Manley Reference Cardioid
-Rode NTK tube condenser
-Rode NT2 condenser
-(3) Sennheiser 835s
-(3) Sure SM58s
-(3) Shure SM57s
-(2) Shure SM81s
-Shure Beta 52A
-(3) Sennheiser G3 wireless lavs
-Sennheiser MKH-416
-(2) JrF contact mics
-Sennheiser Ambeo
Instruments & Amps:
-1995 Gibson ES-175 reissue hollowbody
-Gibson SG: Frank Zappa editon
-Gibson SG Faded w/Bigsby tailpiece
-Ibanez BTB series 5-string bass
-Ibanez SR 5-string bass
-Baratto Guitars custom 3-string cigfiddle
-Martin mini-Martin acoustic
-1976 Fender Twin amplifier
-Bogner Shiva Anniversary Edition head
-Mesa Engineering 4 x 10 guitar cab
-Eden World Tour 800 bass head
-Ampeg 4x10 cabinet
-Pearl EXL series 5-piece drumkit
w/Zildjian cymbals
Production Sound Package:
-Sound Devices 788T recorder/mixer
-Sound Devices 744T recorder/mixer
-Sound Devices Mix-Pre
-(1) Sennheiser MKH-416
-(4) Sennheiser G3 wireless lavs
-Denecke timecode slate
-all mics available from above locker
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